Site selection, Investment property, Property Sales and Leasing, business valuation and sales, specialty consulting assignments and tax reduction strategies through Cost Segregation.  Nelson Commercial Real Estate offers professionalism and expertise in every assignment.

Site Selection
From a single location to a regional rollout of a chain of stores, NCRE handles assignments from small restaurants to big box retail, single offices to large call centers.  Examples include:  Long Lines Wireless rollout of stores, the Dakota's rollout of Hollywood Video, Famous Dave's, Caribou Coffee, Slumberland, Gander Mountain, Qdoba regional locations, Target, Lowe's, Camping World and too many restaurants to list.  Office users like RBC/Dain, Dakota Performance Solutions and H & R Block.  National companies know where to turn for the professionalism and expertise they demand.   It takes creativity to blend Wall Street expectations with local owner objectives.  Creativity and innovation...that's how sites get landed and deals get done!

Investment Property
With the ups and downs of the stock market, demand for quality investment real estate has never let up.  When high net worth individuals or investment funds are looking to target acquisitions to match their portfolio objectives, or smaller, less seasoned investors are looking to get into their first investment, NCRE offers sound investment analysis and counsel.   Retail, office or multi-family ; individual properties or investment partnerships with limited management, we can discuss optimal investment options to fit your guidelines.

Property Sales & Leasing
We are a small firm by design.  We don't try to match the 'numbers' of property offerings by the large firms.  You won't feel your property gets lost with NCRE.  Our size allows more individual attention to your property, but you still get the same exposure offered by 'the big guys'.

Cost Segregation
HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in tax savings you would normally wait years to realize can be realized TODAY!   In one sentence, that summarizes what cost segregation does for your property.  Cost Segregation uses highly complex engineering methods to achieve the simple objective of pulling cash out of your property.  This is fully endorsed by the IRS.  We work with your own CPA to ensure it maximizes your tax benefit. 

Call us to discuss more specifics on this amazing service to learn in greater detail more about how cost segregation is one of the most creative ways to add massive value to your property assets.

By adding the service of Cost Segregation Services, (CSS), NCRE is positioned like no other Commercial Real Estate Company.  As a natural 'fit' for the Commercial Real Estate Business, We can now identify property owners who would benefit greatly from significant tax savings with their property holdings.  This identifies tax deductions which can be taken today to free up cash that would otherwise be paid out in Federal Income Taxes.

We have teamed up with one of the leading Cost Segregation firms in the nation, The Ernst Consulting Group,  Our CSS study 'finds' owners thousands of dollars to re-invest in their property, purchase additional property or a variety of options that emerge when large blocks of cash become available.

A CSS study is a sophisticated analysis utilizing engineering expertise combined with knowledge of IRS code.  Only highly trained specialists are properly equipped to do CSS studies.  Risk of IRS audit can be high if not done properly.  With over 7000 CSS studies under their belt, you can be assured that you will receive the ultimate safeguard against audit and the maximum allowable tax benefit allowed by law!

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